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Books Written by Leroy Freeman

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New Kindle Release

Heaven and Hell ~ Kindle

The Bible Speaks

Freedom From Fear And Worry
(Surviving The Storm)

  Fear and Worry are two powerful emotions that we constantly battle daily. We can DEFEAT the challenges of these two negative emotions through God's Word and the Power of the Holy Spirit. God wants us to walk in VICTORY through every storm of life.

Battles And Blessings Of Being Single

  Living a Christian lifestyle can be tough.It’s definitely not an easy task for most Singles. To overcome, Singles must be serious about developing their relationship with Christ; avoiding the PITFALLS. Being Single has both Positives and Negatives.


Death And The Afterlife
The Bible Speaks

  This book uses the Holy Bible to help untwist some of the twisted teachings concerning life's greatest mystery. God has given us HOPE with more than enough in His Word to comfort us concerning Death and the Afterlife. This book continues to BLESS and bring COMFORT to many.

11 Evidences Of Eternal Salvation

  There are many who Profess salvation, but do not Possess salvation. The Holy Bible gives us many things that should be in a Believer's life. Don't deceive yourself and miss Heaven. Examine yourself and see if these 11 Evidences are in your life.

Inspirational Classic Books  ~ Edited by Leroy Freeman

Lord, Teach Us To Pray

  There are no shortcuts to Spiritual Power other than through PRAYER. God has used this little book to speak to my heart and the depth of my soul in a very profound way, on the subject of prayer. My prayer life has been taken from a Duty to a Desire. I pray this book does the same for you.


One Day At A Time

  This book was written many years ago in the time of war. It’s messages of Comfort and Hope are very relevant today as many are looking anxiously ahead and fearing what the weeks and months may have in store.
 God bless you as read these words and may they help to strengthen you in your walk with the Lord in these “Last Days”.


As A Man Thinketh


   A Timeless Classic that has been read by millions. This book shows how our THOUGHTS become our ACTIONS which turn into HABITS which leads to our eventual DESTINY.

The Pursuit Of God

  A Timeless Classic that will help those  who are THIRSTING for more of God. My hunger and thirst for God and the spiritual things of God greatly increased after reading this book.